“And I wouldn’t have worried so much about party unity, because if you unite behind a man you don’t believe in, it’s a lie.”

I will start this post by saying: I am not a US citizen, and therefore I cannot vote in any election. And before you get all smart-assy on me, yes, I do pay taxes.

Over the last few months, I have been watching the shit show that has been the campaign trail in the race for who will end up on the ballot for President. Honestly, it’s such a joke. It’s as if politicians got together over some ridiculously expensive, rare scotch and said “drama, backstabbing, cheating, and lying has worked for every reality show and reality “celebrity” for years, let’s go down that route this year”. For years I have been disgusted by how politicians (yes, all of them for the most part) run their campaigns. They are all SO busy trying to tear each other down (just watch any of the recent debates, on either side of the fence). They are all SO busy telling us why so-and-so isn’t qualified, but in the meantime, they actually haven’t told us why they ARE qualified. It has always shocked me when candidates from the same party spend so much time attacking each other in the primaries, only to be best friends and supporters of each other in the final race.

I don’t know if you have seen the recent “Confessions of a Republican” ad from the 1964 presidential election. But you should. In just a couple of minutes there are so many great quotes. Pretty much the whole video is a great quote. Watch it, now. Here.

Although this video is geared towards #drumpf (if you have no idea what this hashtag is about, please, spend some time with John Oliver), I think the same can be said for most candidates…just because you are “republican” or “democrat” doesn’t mean you have to stand behind everything they do. I don’t think, if you are truly honest and open minded, that you will agree 100% with everything “your” candidate stands for, but there has to be a line right? Prioritize your priorities. What REALLY, matters to you? Who does your candidate surround himself/herself with? What types of people support your candidate, and why? Does your candidate talk out of both sides of their mouth? Do they like their toilet paper to roll over or under? Important shit people. Priorities.

I often wonder what people around the world think of this election. Are we like a really good reality show (if you know of one, please let me know), and people make a weekly date to catch up on the latest episode while drinking wine and eating chocolate? Ok, so that’s how I  watch “The Bachelor/ette” with my girlfriend Michele to catch up on what we refer to as “our sports” (i.e. we literally yell at the TV like sports fanatics do when their team fumbles the ball on a big play). But, I digress. Are we a reality TV show to a global audience? Because if we are, that is a truly a sad state of affairs. And whoever ends up in the White House next year is going to have a REALLY hard time getting anyone to take them seriously…


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