HELL-thy Week

There’s this crazy bootcamp workout I like to torture myself with. It’s called Barry’s Bootcamp. Ever heard of it? Tried it? Heard of it, but are too scared to try it? Well, you should be. Just kidding. Sort of. Anyway, a Barry’s workout consists of a mix of treadmill work (think hills, sprints, side shuffles, backward runs, and the beastly DYNAMIC mode) + strength work (free weights, resistance bands, steppers, weighted medicine balls, little squishy pink balls of abdominal death). Each day has a particular body part focus, for example today was arms and abs. Which means that when I walked into Trader Joes after class, I could barely haul my grocery bags to the car. My girl January Newland knows how to kick your ass into gear.

I digress. Every few months, Barry’s Bootcamp does this thing called Hellweek: “There are occasionally five Mondays in a month and here at Barry’s we call these last calendar days a Hellweek”. Basically, you get a really good deal (i.e. save a lot of $$$) to go to class every day, once a day, for one week. Ever since my Vespa accident, broken leg, and recuperation, I have used my bum knee as an excuse to stay away from any sort of real cardiovascular (cardio) work. Basically, anything involving jumping or remotely stressing my knee has been a no-no. Last week I decided to call BULLSHIT on myself. I tested my knee out by going to Barry’s 4 times. The knee held up. Matter of fact, it felt fine. My knee felt fine, but I felt like I might die. Literally. I was taking a little break during a set of crunches, or something, and January yelled out “Jules, did you fall asleep???” Did I mention that the trainers at Barry’s wear a headset microphone? Yeah, they’re super cool like that…

So here I am, registered for Hellweek, and ready to take my workouts by their little pink squishy balls. However, I also decided to add some extra stuff, you know, to make it more fun (challenging), and call this HELL-thy Week. In addition to the daily bootcamp workout, I am also cutting out wine (M-F only, I have not completely lost my mind), limit carbs (pasta and bread, dear god help me), keep an eye on sugar intake, meditate once a day with Deepak and Oprah, and get in at least 3 yoga classes as well (this means double workouts on some days). I have also given myself Sunday off…but who knows, maybe I will make it to that 7th day workout.

Bottom line is, I decided to make this week about being healthy and happy, and that doesn’t come with doing just one thing or another. It is being comfortable in your own skin, it is feeling good about what you put in your body, it is about balancing hard work with fun, it is about maintaining some sort of LIFESTYLE that feels good on YOU. I know that food and wine will forever be in my life, I love to eat and drink good wine. I also know that working out will forever be in my life, because I have fun and like the way it makes me feel. Does that mean that sometimes I don’t sit on the couch, binge watch Netflix, and eat raw cookie dough because I am too lazy to actually bake the cookies? HELL-no. It just means that everyday, I make choices. Choices that will make me feel good in that moment. That feel right for me. Not for anyone else.

So, as HELL-thy Week commences, I commit to doing my best everyday to stay on track with the plan I have set out for myself. Maybe everything won’t go as planned. Maybe it’ll go better. But whatever way it goes, it’s going my way.

Likers Gonna Like. No haters please!

Likers Gonna Like. No haters please!

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